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About US

Do you want to invite millions of companies from China to set boots on your event?

Do you want to broadcast your event to 400,000,000 Chinese internet users?

Do you want to sell more of your products to the 2nd largest world economy entity?

Do you want your news to be spread seamlessly crossing online video, mobile, email, social media?

Do you know that Chinese do NOT use Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc...?

We Glogou is a US and China based complete digital marketing solution provider. With our massive marketing capabilities covering China business, our strategic partnership with China medias, search engine providers, telecommunication providers, we can make sure that your event will be broadcasted effectively to the target customers on time, on demand, under budget.


Glogou Inc has offices in:

  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • San Diego, California
  • Austin, Texas
  • Washington DC
  • Beijing, China
  • Silicon Valley Office
  • 2953 Bunker Hill Lane, #400

    Santa Clara, California,USA, 95054




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